Guided Independent Study

Mentored Independent Study Postponed until January!

A Pilot Mentoring Program

The Guided Independent Study is something we are testing out for Quarter 2, and will be open to only a few students and teachers.

Teachers volunteer to mentor in topics we do not currently offer - Guitar, Historical Role Playing, Meditation, Piano, Growing Orchids - and that shared commitment is maintained as long as students submit weekly progress reports and follow whatever agreements they make with their mentor.

Eventually, this program may involve community (and remote) volunteers and many more students.

What Students Do

Students follow plans made with mentors about what to work on each week.

They complete progress log forms at the end of each week, and teachers respond with emails or requests for Meets.

What Teachers Do

Teachers develop mentoring relationships with students to help them learn skills and/or make projects.

The program coordinator takes attendance based on weekly progress logs.

Mentoring Program Runway

1 Students use the Make A Wish form to ask for a mentor for an independent guided study topic and/or a project.

2 Teachers are emailed the list of student wishes for projects. If they want to be mentors, they use the Make an Offer form to choose one, OR add their own.

3 Teachers see the list of offers as they are added, and decide whether to make any changes to their offers based on what others are offering against wishes.

4 Students who made wishes are emailed an invitation to select a mentor teacher and offer. It could match their original wish, OR it could be a new offer they like more.

5 Mentor Teachers make final choices about which students they will mentor. They email chosen students inviting them to a first meeting, perhaps Friday office hours.

6 Mentoring Program begins.