STEAM Block 6

Block 6 Options

Computer Club

Mr. Bram Moreinis -

It feels great to learn new computer skills and then use them to help others. Listen to what other middle schoolers had to say on the radio about Tech Scouts! Here are 4 reasons to join Tech Scouts: 1. Get Computer Skills: Pick the skills you want to develop. 2. Get Respect: Solve computer problems for family and friends. 3. Make Websites: Make websites for school and other people.4. Get Job Skills: Work in teams to solve problems!


Ms. Ashley Green -

Focusing on the artistic movement side of performing arts, each scholar will build a movement vocabulary through studying and participating in various styles of dance. The course starts off with a strong focus in social and world dance, then moves through more traditionally trained styles with opportunities for creation. Ms. Green has earned a BA in Dance from Coker University and an MA in Teaching Artistry from Wayne State University.

Music and Video Production

Mr. Kevin Figueroa - Grades 6,7,8 -

Students will be immersed into the production world. We will work with different DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) such as; Garageband, iMovie, LMMS and Graphic Apps such as Keynote and Photoshop. Our projects will be based on the three Production stages; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

Visual Arts

Ms. Michelle O'Konis

In this STEAMS course, we will study the history of art dating back to prehistoric cave art to present day, modern and contemporary art. We will learn the fundamentals of art such as color, value, perspective, and composition. Although we won't be in person, you will have the opportunity to create. Let's be inspired and make art!